The FNF (Friday Night Funkin) universe is filled with incendiary music, funny stories, humor and a wide variety of characters from other games. In addition to the original version, there are many user modifications, in which the mouse Mickey , Shaggy , characters from Among Us , Mario , Sonic and many others took part. The game itself belongs to musical arcades, and the main task of users is to click on the arrows in time, corresponding to the symbols that appear on the screen of the electronic device. Throughout its existence, FNF has acquired a large fan base, so if you are not familiar with the world of this game, we suggest you start right now. Launch any episode, go through training and have fun to the fullest with the Guy – the main character of the universe, his girlfriend – Girlfriend and unusual creatures that periodically meet in this amazing game.

Plot Of Friday Night Funkin Game

The main character is Boyfriend and his beloved Girlfriend . Everything would be fine, but her parents are against such a relationship, and therefore they hinder their development in every possible way. Daddy Dearest – the girl's father will allow them to meet only when Boyfriend can impress him with his dance. As the game progresses, the guy will meet many obstacles, evil and good characters from other games that will help him improve his movements and musical ear. Help the guy overcome all obstacles and show the father of his beloved that he is worthy of her.

How To Play FNF Mods Online?

Each modification and the original version has a special training course, after which it will be much easier to defeat any antagonist. You can choose from story mode and free play. The former is best for getting to know the characters that take part in this dance fever, while the latter is best for improving skills. The main goal is to reach the end as a winner, catch the right rhythm and follow it. There are two primary characters in the ring – the main character and his opponent, as well as the Guy's girlfriend. You need to carefully monitor the arrows that move towards the fixed characters corresponding to them. As soon as the symbols and arrows touch, press the same button on the keyboard. If you do everything right, then the round will be yours. At the bottom or corner of the screen there is a progress indicator that shows who is currently winning, as soon as it turns completely green, the game will end with your victory, and if red, then you will lose.