FNF Agoti Test

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We welcome you to another development on the game FNF – a reworking of the original version – FNF Agoti Test . You will once again meet the classic characters – the hip-hopper Bf and his cute girlfriend GF. Here Agoti will be your antagonist. This is a test version, so you can change the behavior of your heroes, recreate different emotions and movements.

The game FNF Agoti Test adds a specialized trick that allows you to switch Agoti from a normal state to an evil one. Thus, you get an advantage and can safely press all buttons at the same time and this action will count as a correct action.
Make special moves, get more points and don’t make too many mistakes. A couple of missed arrows is not a problem, but if there are a lot of them, the progress bar will turn red and you will lose. We hope that you will have a lot of fun and let your negative emotions go.

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