FNF Chainsaw Dance Mod

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We know how many of you are fans of the Friday Night Funkin series, so we decided to please you with another fan modification. This time in the universe appears dangerous and evil man with chainsaw, that wants to destroy our main hero – blue-haired BF. He accepts this challenge, it’s up to you to help the kid win in this dancing madness.

Have a full blast, move nonstop and totally immerse yourself in the music, once you feel the rhythm, don’t let it go. If you get too many mistakes on your score, be ready to start the round all over again. This version is not at all as simple as it seems, it hides many obstacles and traps. For example, some bits speed up and slow down completely unexpectedly. If you are not sure that you will cope with this task, then it is recommended to try your skills on easier levels, so you can train your skills and increase your fine motor skills. To defeat the enemy will have to make maximum effort. We wish you a pleasant time together with your favorite FNF characters.

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