FNF Cuphead Mod

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Before you a new release of the game series FNF. This time the fan modification will make you fight a real dancing devil to unique rhythms. Cuphead or cuphead has many fans all over the world, just like the blue-haired guy. In this mod, they will face off in a frenzied musical duel, and who wins will be up to you. In this case, you will have a unique opportunity to reincarnate not as a blue-haired guy, but as Cuphead. Try yourself as a new hero, but remember that the game can surprise you at any moment.

Although the main character of the universe has changed, the rules remain the same. You still have to follow the process and strictly follow the rhythm, do not miss too many notes, otherwise it will have a negative effect on your game progress. As soon as your experience indicator turns red, you lose and have to start the round all over again. Reach the end and show the evil opponent who is the real lord of the dance floor here. We believe that you will succeed, the main thing is to hit the beat and click on the arrows in time.

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