FNF Garcello Test

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Another version of the FNF game launched in test mode. You will meet the guy and his girlfriend again, but you will also be joined by a character named Garcello. It is a mysterious hero, whose eyes are hidden under the visor of brown cap, he has green hair and the same color pants. This modification has many special features that you will not see in other versions. For example, all the Garcrello sprites that have ever been used in Friday Night Funkin are available to you. The most vicious smoker will perform movements such as: “”Headache”, “Nerves”, “Liberation”, “Fading”, etc. Also, the developer added some secret sprites like: “Cough” and “Tie”.

Play the original mod on our website right now, just by clicking the start button. In the modification there are no separate levels of difficulty, so you do not have to choose a harder or easier level. Just follow the movement of the arrows on the screen and press the appropriate symbols on your keyboard in time, then you can see all the animations available for Garcello.

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