FNF Squid Game DEMO

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You’ve probably heard or seen the popular Squid Game series. It was released in 2022 and literally made a massive sensation in one day. If you like Squid Games, you are invited to take part in a dance-off between the pink soldiers from the series and the characters from the FNF game series. Are you confident in your abilities? Ask yourself this question before you start the battle. If the answer is no, we recommend you to go through a little training first and get better acquainted with the game rules.

The new series, released on the platform Netflix quickly gained popularity among our users, so FNF fans have created an interesting modification, which combined the characters from “The Squid Game” and Friday Night Funkin. The rules are the same, you still have to follow the arrows that appear on the screen and match them with the keys on the keyboard. Modification offers you to choose one of two modes: free or historical, also, before you press start, decide the level of difficulty.

If your skills in the game are small, we recommend to start with the easier level. The goal is to perform different dance moves, follow the rhythm and do not skip notes. We believe that you will easily cope with it and become a true FNF champion.

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