FNF vs Advent Neon Mod

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Go on a journey through time and fight a formidable green android named Neon. He has come to prove his skills and become the most important dancer in the FNF universe. Show him where he belongs, but be careful, this robot is not as easy as it seems at first sight. If you think that you can defeat him from the first round and banish Finkin and his GF forever, you’re wrong. You’ll have to pay maximum attention and focus on the gameplay so that you don’t miss the right move.

Funny dialogues, hilarious grimaces and addictive gameplay await you. The game features 6 music weeks filled with reworked classic versions of the soundtracks from the game AdventNEON. Especially for experienced players, the developer added a new level of difficulty, which is available only to confident users. In simple mode, however, new and improved objects and character moves are available to you.

The rules of the game do not change, you still need to press the arrows on the keyboard when they coincide with the symbols on the monitor. Watch the beat carefully, if you miss too many notes, the process will reset and you’ll have to start all over again. Break into the dancing hurricane in the game FNF vs Advent Neon Mod.

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