FNF vs Cartoon Cat Mod

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A modification based on the music game FNF introduces you to a black and white cat from Cartoon Network Studios. This cat looks creepy, as if it came straight from the 90s. Its body is completely black and only its paws have white gloves. That said, the cat has the ability to change shape, which makes it even more dangerous to the blue-haired guy.

Each rap battle is accompanied by one of the songs featured in the modification: “Outrun This Cat, He’s The Cartoon Cat, Toon, Catastrophes, Grampy’s House and Run Away.” You have only one goal: to reach the end of each of these songs, keeping the progress bar green, if it suddenly turns red, you lose.

Do you think you can complete the mission and defeat the mad cat along with the blue-haired man? If your dexterity is not well developed for this game, we recommend you to go through a few tutorial levels first.

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