FNF vs GhostTwins Mod

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This modification of one of the most popular music and dance game series Friday Night Funkin, in which you will meet a blue-haired kid and horrible and funny ghosts – twins. At that, you won’t see the ghostly clone right away, at first his brother will be in front of you, but after a couple of seconds his copy will appear. The action of the game will unfold in the old theater, where the twins used to work, after their lives they remained chained to this place.

If you think that ghosts will make the game sad and gloomy, you’re wrong. In fact, they will only add more fun and silent terror. It’s up to you to help two souls leave the earth and find peace, and you can do it by dancing flawlessly to one of the music tracks. Find out if you have the skills to help the poor twin ghosts.

The rules are as simple as possible, you just need to press the arrow keys as soon as they coincide with the characters on the monitor screen. Choose game mode, press start and dive into a world of music, dance and fun.

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