FNF vs Jeffy Mod

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A development created by a fan of the FNF series named Carrmay. In it, you cross paths with funny characters wearing a blue bicycle helmet, a yellow T-shirt and unique sprites. What’s noteworthy, all the characters in this modification are dolls, as evidenced by their unnatural and unusual movements. To get to know them to the fullest, a whole week of exciting dancing and rousing beats is set aside for you.
To start the game just press the start button and go to the main menu. There you will find several modes, which differ from each other in the level of difficulty and the speed of the arrows on the screen. Each week has its own unique characteristics, which you can familiarize yourself with, if you’ll gradually pass the game. Unlock new levels and immerse yourself in a musical extravaganza right now! If you put in a little effort, stay focused, and fully immerse yourself in the gameplay, you’ll reach the winning finish line.

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