FNF vs Mami Mod

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A new funny mod, created by fans of the Friday Night Funkin music series. You will have to meet a magical girl, drawn in anime style. She is incredibly cute and attractive, but don’t think that she can’t dance and will succumb to the blue-haired. In fact, she’s a true dance guru who can defeat any, even the most difficult opponent. Mami challenges the guy to a dance duel, so it’s up to you to help him overpower this cutie to a custom Connect song. In the future, the developer says he will add more music tracks.

Carefully follow the rhythm, try not to skip notes, a few times is not terrible, but the more mistakes you make, the closer you move to losing. You can check the progress of the game by looking at the indicator above the main character’s head. If you are moving in the right direction, it will be green, otherwise it will be red. Take a fascinating journey into the world of the boy and his friend GF.

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