FNF vs Oswald Mod

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You probably already know many characters from the FNF universe, but we want to introduce you a new hero – Lucky Rabbit, named Oswald. He finally has his own mod, join him and show that he is worthy of your attention. Fan modification includes a lot of new interesting features. For example, you will have access to a new design of the main menu with the addition of unique graphic elements.

Despite the fact that there is only one music track available in the game, it won’t get boring as quickly as you think. Each new level of difficulty opens it up in a new way, funny dialogues and sprites appear. A lot of fun awaits you, we are sure that the smile will not leave your face for a long time.

The game rules remain classic, you also need to follow the movement of the arrows on the monitor, and as soon as they connect with identical symbols, then feel free to press the appropriate key on your keyboard. Do not skip too many notes, otherwise the progress bar will turn red and the round will be over.

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