FNF Whitty Test

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The protagonist of the game FNF is a guy with weird hair, who has exceptional dance skills and is a rock star. He also likes to wear hip-hop style things, like a white loose T-shirt, jeans and a red cap. In this modification he will fight with a character named Whitty or bomb-head, instead of his head he has a bomb with a fuse. It can ignite depending on the emotion of the character. He wears a turquoise sweater and orange sneakers Every time you press the right buttons on your keyboard, he performs some unique action.

Combine different sprites to make your character create a unique dance. A special dynamite button has been added to the game. If you press it, the symbols above the head of the bombhead will change. The mod is running in test mode, to see how much this version will appeal to FNF fans. Press the start button, select the difficulty mode and start a crazy rap battle.

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