Poppy Funktime vs Bunzo Bunny

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You probably know the dancing game universe FNF, in which funny characters take part, and the main characters are a blue-haired guy and his girlfriend. However, this time we decided to change the canonical cast of the game a little bit and added new representatives, Bunzo Bunny from Poppy Funktime appears in the modification. Together with him came a new game mechanics, now you have to not just click on the arrows, but follow their colors. Repeat the colors in the same sequence and order in which they appear on your monitor screen.

Animations added to this version of FNF previously not found in any modification, so they will pleasantly surprise you. So, the developer included new sprites, colorful graphics, you can also note the music. Throughout the game you will listen to a song called: “musical memory”. See if you have enough skills to properly dance to it? Be careful, because the opponent is a real professional, so you will have to try very hard to beat him. Enter the game right now, press the start button and dive into the musical madness.

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