FNF vs Minus Mandela Catalogue

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Before you start this game, ask yourself, “Am I afraid of horror?” If you’re insecure, it’s best to put this version aside and play something more relaxed. Here you will have to fight in a dance battle against the black monster Minus N, who appeared from the Alternate Universe to inspire terror and fear. You will face a tall humanoid with huge white chameleon eyes. It has a number of sharp teeth and a skeleton-like body, it can bend in a variety of poses and make vicious grimaces.

To defeat this monster of darkness you will have to give your best, because every mistake could be your last. Pay close attention to what’s happening on the monitor and concentrate on the gameplay. Don’t let the progress bar turn red – it will mean your final loss and the victory of the darkness.

See if you have the strength to defend GF and the universe in this exciting remake of the well known FNF game. Follow the bat, don’t skip notes and hit the arrows on your keyboard in time. We wish you luck and look forward to seeing you in the hilariously entertaining game FNF vs Minus Mandela Catalogue.

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