FNF vs Sonic CD (vs Metal Sonic)

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This is not the first time Evil Sonic has appeared in the FNF universe, we can see how much you like him, so we’re posting a new version featuring the possessed hedgehog. In the new episode you will be able to see his new unique appearance – Metal Sonic. This character comes from the Sonic CD and now you must help the original hedgehog defeat his digital universe counterpart. Funkin will join this epic dance battle on tracks Iron Bars, Metalic-Chaos and Speedway. So get ready for the battle to be heated.

Ready to get into a rhythmic whirlwind of dynamic beats and dance moves! Test your dancing skills in this game and be sure that it will not leave you indifferent. If you are not confident in your abilities, then try yourself in simple modes, they allow you to improve your skills and better understand the game mechanics.

The rules are still the same – press the arrows on the keyboard in time, don’t skip notes and strictly follow the beat, otherwise the progress bar will turn red and you’ll have to start the whole level again. Dive into the world of dance madness with this exciting FNF modification.

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