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The FNF B3 REMIXED mod paints everyone’s favorite characters in new colors and adds unique sprites and dialogues. You will also be able to meet a character named Mia Osuna and enjoy new tracks. Among other things, the modification includes LGBTQ+ characters that have the most diverse coloring and animations.

This version of the game has its own distinctive features, for example, if you make a mistake, your hero will turn into a hamburger from MacDonalds. If you feel tense after the working day, want to relax and let go of negative emotions, such funny animations will be perfect for relaxation.

You’ll have several tracks that are different not only in style, but also in beat speed. If you think you can’t handle too fast a beat, it’s better to practice first and take a little introductory training. After that it will be easier for you to cope with even the strongest opponents. Don’t miss the opportunity to test your strength in this colorful game filled with a riot of colors and unique sprites.

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