FNF Arrow Funk Mod

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The classic characters of the FNF universe are transformed and appear before you in a new guise. The fans of this music game decided to have a little fun and create a remake of the original version of Friday Night Funkin. In new FNF Arrow Funk Mod you will meet different characters, except blue-haired guy and his girlfriend. Also, the developers added two new weeks and a lot of original remakes of familiar tunes, for example: Reboop, Fresher, Rap-King, Bittersweet and others.

Don’t be presumptuous, this version will seem difficult even for experienced players and true fans of the FNF universe. You have to strictly follow the rhythm and hit the notes, if the progress bar turns red, all the progress will be nullified and you will have to start over. At the same time, you will be distracted by the dialogues of your characters, so the gameplay will become a real challenge. If you have little skill in the FNF Arrow Funk Mod game, then try yourself in a simpler mode. The rhythm will be slower, but it will allow you to become more familiar with the rules and hone your skills.

The rules of the FNF Arrow Funk Mod game remain the same, you still need to hit the arrows when the moving characters coincide with those above the head of the dancer under your control. Watch them carefully, because it is very easy to make a mistake, and you will not be able to restore the progress.

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