FNF vs Herobrine Mod

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Especially for Minecraft fans, we are laying out a modification that features characters from this series of games. In this version, you will meet Herobrine – a cubic boy and the main character of Minecraft. He wears a blue t-shirt and his body consists entirely of cubes. Test your skills first on medium and easy levels, where the beat is not particularly fast, once you’ve pumped your skills you can move on to higher difficulty levels.

Also, the developer added a lot of new tracks to this version, among which we can note: “First Encounter”, “One”, “Blind Night” and others. Even users with a specific and unusual taste in music will be able to find among the musical compositions a tune that will be appreciated. Each week is accompanied by a unique song that will sound differently, depending on the difficulty selected. Don’t hesitate for a minute and dive into the FNF universe right now!

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