FNF: The Blueballs Incident

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Introducing another fun FNF-style adventure, you’re probably ready to meet BF and his girlfriend in a dancing match with some cartoon character. This time you’re going to meet some funny little people – Derpina’s agents. She sent them to destroy the blue-haired one and banish him from her universe.

Since BF is in the world of the croupier, he will have to cross paths with its inhabitants. This time they will be trolls. Don’t think that they are clumsy and can’t dance like the pros. These creatures prove the opposite. You can see for yourself by pressing the start button and enter the duel with them under the inflammatory melodies. There are four songs in the game: Sadness, Rage, Incident and Redemption. They differ in beat speed and arrow movement.

If you are tired after a hard day’s work, this game will help you relax. You don’t need to think about what the next action is, give yourself up to the music and the rhythm. The main thing is not to make too many mistakes, otherwise you won’t reach the end of the round and you will lose the game.

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