FNF vs Birdie Mod

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This version of the FNF modification is based on the robot titans game, so you will have to dive into a wonderful world, where besides the blue-haired guy and his girlfriend you will meet cyborgs. One of them is missing half of his face, and it is replaced by iron plate, and instead of his eye he has red steel implant. Opposing him is another robot with completely white eyes and a fantastic colorful costume. Between them you can also see a small white bird waving its wings.

This time you won’t see the blue-haired guy and the GF, so you’ll have to choose one of the available characters: Cyborg and Robin. The dance battle will be hot, so before you start the battle we advise you to practice first. However, if you are an experienced player, then feel free to press the start button and proceed to the great confrontation. The rules are simple: just watch the arrows that appear on the monitor, and then press the appropriate keys on the keyboard. The more you have the right moves, the better will be your score. We wish you good luck in the fascinating FNF vs Birdie Mod.

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