FNF vs Baldi’s Basics

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We invite you to take part in a new fan modification of the FNF game universe. If you thought that you have already met all the characters of this world, you are deeply mistaken, we have a surprise for you. Introducing you a teacher named Baldi. Students gave him this nickname because of his baldness. You will have to take part in a dance battle against him and help the blue-haired boy to win.

Do your best to take first place in the rap battle on custom tracks. Be extremely careful, as every wrong move you make could be your last. Above the main character’s head there is a light indicator that reacts to your misses. The more notes you miss, the faster it turns red, and the round is over.

The rules of the game are very clear, you just have to listen to the music, the rhythm and follow the movement of the arrows. As soon as they are matched with similar static characters, feel free to click on the same arrow on your keyboard. We wish you good luck and have a good time.

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