FNF vs Isaac Mod

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A unique and interesting mod, developed by FNF fans just like you, awaits you. The universe of the blue-haired guy and his girlfriend is transferred to the paper plane, and all the characters become simple drawings. That said, the entire game unfolds in the dystopian world of The Binding of Isaac. Challenge the hero himself, named Isacc to a brilliant soundtrack written by the talented composer RxB.

If you think that this modification is characterized by its simplicity, due to the simplified graphics, we want to disappoint you. The added melody has a fast rhythm, so that only experienced users will be able to perform it perfectly. However, you can practice for a while and dance to the background soundtrack without any mistakes. Give all your best, so you will pass even the simplest level. We believe in your strength and dancing skills, so we think that you will cope with this modification without any problems.

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