FNF vs Faraday Mod

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We are sure that you like funny games that are not just lift your spirits, and allow you to relax after a hard day’s work. So we present you a game filled with music, interesting characters and challenging challenges. The main character named BF is a brave blue-haired guy is bursting into a dance battle, help him defeat his opponents and take first place among the dancers of the universe FNF. In this modification, you will see a character named Faraday or wolf boy. Be assured that he is a born artist, which can be quite difficult to defeat.

The modification allows you to choose not only the game mode: historical or free, but also the level of difficulty. Thus, even novice users will be able to improve their skills and subsequently fight serious opponents under fast beats. At the same time, above the head of the protagonist there is an indicator that shows how far you have come in your gameplay. If it lights up green, then be calm, but if the color turns red, you will soon be defeated. At the same time, the gameplay is not saved, as soon as you lose, you will have to start all over again.

Choose the appropriate difficulty mode, press the start button and go into a fascinating universe filled with music, fun and dancing. We are confident that you will cope with any level, show your skills in the new modification FNF vs Faraday Mod.

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