FNF vs Kenny Mod

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South Park is a popular animated series filled with humor, interesting graphics, animation, and dialogue. For all the time of its existence, it has gained a large army of fans around the world. We decided to combine one of the funniest characters from their South Park with a famous character from the FNF game universe – blue-haired BF. You’ll get a double dose of jokes that even the most inveterate pessimists can appreciate.

In this version of Friday Night Funkin, you’ll have to defeat Kenny in a dance duel and win the heart of GF, the blue-haired boy’s girlfriend, once again. Kenny has decided to steal BF’s girlfriend, so you’ll have to do your best to put him in his place. The modification gives you several new tracks, including: Chips, Hot, Dog, Burger and Pizza.

The rules of the game are as clear as possible, even a child can understand them: it is necessary to press the arrows in time, not to skip too many notes and strictly follow the rhythm. At the same time, your game progress is displayed on the monitor in the form of a color indicator. It will change its color depending on the number of your mistakes, if it is green, there is nothing to worry about, but as soon as you see a red bar, you can be sure that soon the round will end not in your favor. Defeat the boy in the Eskimo costume and get the BF girl back.

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